Stuttering Therapy

At the Specialized Center for Stuttering, our team of speech and language therapists and psychologists provide treatment for children, adolescents and adults who stutter. We offer in-person services in Lima – Peru, but also online treatment in Spanish for those who live abroad.

What is stuttering?

Stuttering is a condition characterised for the “sense of loss of control” while speaking (Tichenor & Yaruss, 2019). This sensation is observed as repetitions, prolongations and blocks in the speech, and it can generate feelings of frustration, anxiety and fear. As a consequence, the person could reduce their social participation and restrict their life. For that reason, our treatment (assessment and therapy) include an holistic approach, ¬†through the work with the speech, psychological impact, and the environment.

Group therapy

As a part of the individual stuttering treatment, we organise group therapies for our students. We have groups for pre-school children, school-age children, adolescentes, and adults, where they meet each other and share their journeys. They practice activities related to their speech, cognition, and bring guests to the sessions. Also, there are sessions for families. And, for our bilingual students, we organise sessions in English with international people who stutter. For instance, in the picture, there is Daniele Rossi (Canada), Anita Blom (Sweden) and Jurjen de Jong (The Netherlands).

Online therapy

Research has shown that online therapy is as effective as in-person therapy. It allows people to have access to effective treatment regardless their location. We have provided individual and group online treatment for people who stutter who live in several countries including the USA, Puerto Rico and Mexico. Additionally, in Peru, we have worked virtually with students from 15 cities through Zoom. We do not share the pictures of our students for confidentiality.

Being a person who stutters is not always easy, but we can help you.

Training for

One of our missions is provide accesible and updated training on stuttering to clinicians. We consider that knowledge should be available to everybody, regardless their economic situation. For that reason, our courses/webinars/conferences either have small fees, are for free, or are fundraising events to afford stuttering therapies for those who needed.

Our teaching team has provided training about stuttering in pre-school children, school-age children, and adolescentes and adults. We have also invited recognized clinics and companies in the field to teach South American professionals. For instance, we have worked with institutions such us The Michael Palin Center for Stammering (London), Stuttering Therapy Resources (United States), American Institute for Stuttering (United States), and more. Aditionally, we have a Youtube Channel where we share interviews with stuttering experts.

We are very grateful that clinicians around the world recognize our work and decide to learn about stuttering with us. During the last 3 years, we have trained Spanish-speakers professionals from 23 countries including Canada, Italy, Spain, United States, Costa Rica, Brazil, Panama, and many more. Also, we have done English presentations for universities and institutions from North America.

Clinical Supervisions

The clinical supervision supports other speech language and mental health professionals who provide therapy services to people who stutter. We are committed to provide theoretical and practical advice based on update scientific evidence.

We offer individual supervision for stuttering specialists who have questions regarding a client/student who stutters or who has a co-occurring condition. The supervision is one-to-one at the Centre or by Zoom, and will help the professional reflect on their clinical work and develop problem solving skills.